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Purging for Scientific Molders

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The four courses in this training program will teach scientific injection molders about proper material purging concepts and procedures.

The first two courses cover common purging techniques and effective purging procedures – while the third course details common types of purging compounds, how they work, and the advantages and disadvantages of each type. In the final course, users are shown how to effectively compare different purging procedures and compounds – and guided through completion of the accompanying Purging Analysis Worksheet.

Purging Techniques

Definition of Purging
General Injection Molding Safety
Injection Molding Machine Safety
Plastic Purging Safety
The Purpose of Purging
Small and Large Shot Purging
Continuous and Closed-Mold Purging
Dry and Wet Purging
Purging Heat Sensitive Materials
Purging High Temperature Materials
Hot Runner and Gate Drop Cleaning
Nozzle and Screw Removal

Purging Procedures

Phase 1 – Preparation
Phase 2 – Initial Purging
Phase 3 – Final Purging
Phase 4 – Production

Purging Compounds

Common types of Compounds
Resin-Based Purging Compounds
Mechanical Purging Compounds
Chemical Purging Compounds

Purging Cost Analysis

Purging Compound Cost
Machine Downtime Cost
Purging Labor Cost
Final Production Resin Cost
Scrap and Rework Costs