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Plastic part design series
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Our Plastic Part Design Series provides part designers with an understanding of the plastic part design process. This extensive interactive training course also addresses many of the factors and concerns associated with part design. Dr. Robert Malloy, a respected author and professor at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, developed these comprehensive interactive training programs. 

Program 1: Product Development & the Prototype Process
Product development steps & concurrent engineering
Computer simulations for design
Rapid prototyping and tooling processes

Program 2: Mechanical Behaviour of Polymers
The mechanical behaviour of polymers
Stress/strain curves and visco-elastic behavior of polymers
Creep and stress relaxation 

Program 3: Mould Filling, Gating & Weld Lines
Fatigue and cyclic stress  
Mould filling processes 
Gate types, location, and importance 
Weld line occurrence and strength determination

Program 4: Shrinkage, Warpage, & Part Ejection
How packing affects shrinkage and warpage 
The effects of part geometry 
Amorphous vs. semi-crystalline behaviour 
Ejection systems for simple and complex geometry

Program 5: Mechanical Fasteners, Press & Snap Fits
Assembly techniques 
Snap fit design and considerations 
Design for assembly and disassembly 
Boss and screw design/press fit design and strength equations 

Program 6: Welding & Adhesives Bonding Technology
Various part welding processes 
Joint design for injection moulded parts 
Adhesive bonding applications & techniques 
Wetting, surface attraction and curing of adhesives