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Maths for Injection Moulders
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Any moulder can benefit from these maths-based programs.

This two-part training program was created for all personnel within the injection molding industry who would like to expand or fine tune their math skills.
These courses will greatly benefit any participant of RJG’s classroom-based, Master Molder SM Certification Series either as a primer or as follow-up training. 

Program 1
•    Whole Numbers, Negative Numbers and Decimals 
•    Using a Calculator 
•    Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division 
•    Rounding Numbers and Significant Figures 
•    Formulas, Equations and Order of Operations

Program 2
•    Metric and Imperial Units 
•    Length and Distance 
•    Area, Volume & Flow 
•    Weight, Mass and Force 
•    Conversions 
•    Understanding Percentages 
•    Calculating Plastic Pressure and Part Shrinkage 
•    Calculating Tolerances