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Intelligent Moulder
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Teach your employees the proper way to evaluate any moulding machine, injection mould, or moulding process

These courses were produced for technicians and process engineers that want to thoroughly evaluate both the capability and repeatability of a given injection moulding machine, injection mould, or injection moulding process.
Each course references three in-depth tests and will greatly benefit any participant of RJG’s classroom-based, Master Moulder Certification Series – either as a primer or as follow-up training.

Program 1 - Machine Evaluation
•    Dynamic Check Ring Repeatability Test
•    Load Sensitivity Test
•    Platen Deflection Test

Program 2 - Mould Evaluation
•    Dynamic Cavity Imbalance Test
•    Mould Deflection Test
•    Tonnage Calculation Worksheet

Program 3 - Process Evaluation
•    In-Mould Rheology Test
•    Gate Seal Worksheet
•    DECOUPLED II Process Sheet