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Injection Mould Setup
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Learn safe and efficient die-setting with this comprehensive program.

This comprehensive 2-part program provides participants with a better understanding of die setting including safety preparation, documentation, mould removal & installation, and process start up. This is an excellent course for anyone involved in die setting including process technicians and supervisors.

Injection Mould Setup, Program 1
•    Safety Concerns and Considerations for Die Setters 
•    Injection Mould Setup Scheduling and Preparation 
•    Machine Dependent and Independent Documentation 
•    Proper Injection Mould Preparation and Examination 
•    Safe and Effective Mould Removal Techniques

Injection Mould Setup, Program 2
•    Safe and Effective Mould Installation Techniques 
•    Setting Clamp Tonnage and Mould Protect 
•    Optimizing Clamp and Part Ejection Settings 
•    Establishing Consistent Screw Recovery 
•    Melt Temperature Matching Techniques 
•    Process Start up and Scientific Moulding Principles