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Electric injection moulding

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Our two Electric Injection Moulding courses will provide participants with a better understanding of the benefits and capabilities of modern all-electric injection moulding machines. Safety concerns particular to electric moulding machines are also covered.

1: Understanding Electric Injection Moulding Machines
This training program will provide participants with a better understanding of how electric injection moulding machines function – as well as the many benefits and capabilities associated with electric moulding machines.

  • General Injection Moulding Safety
  • Electric Moulding Machine Safety
  • Machine Guarding
  • Comparing Hydraulic and Electric Machines
  • Basic Moulding Machine Functions
  • Efficiency, Accuracy and Repeatability
  • Alternative Machine Designs
  • Typical Uses for Electric Injection Moulding Machines

2. Processing with Electric Injection Moulding Machines
Packed with in-depth processing information, this course will undoubtedly prepare processors for making more appropriate and cost-effective decisions. Participants will also learn how to optimize any process that’s running on an electric injection moulding machine.

  • Closed-Loop Process Controls
  • Hydraulic vs. Electric Moulding Machine Controls
  • Process Optimization Strategies:
  • 1st Stage Filling
  • 1st Stage to 2nd Stage Transfer
  • 2nd Stage Pack
  • Screw Delay
  • Screw Recovery
  • Screw Decompression
  • Cooling Time
  • Mould Opening
  • Part Ejection
  • Mould Closing
  • Clamping