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Blueprint Reading
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The six programs in our blueprint reading training course develop workers' abilities to accurately locate and interpret dimensions on engineering drawings. These training programs are based on ANSI standards and incorporate input from a broad industrial cross-section.

The primary audience is production and inspection personnel, supervisors, group leaders, set-up personnel, and anyone who wishes to read engineering drawings.

Program 1: Introduction to Engineering Drawings

  • Explains the purpose of an engineering drawing
  • Distinguish between a detail drawing and an assembly drawing
  • Interpret the drawing scale
  • Explains the purpose of dimensions and tolerances

Program 2: Multiview Drawings

  • The six principal views of a third-angle projection
  • Identify the ISO symbols for third-angle and first-angle projections
  • Auxiliary views, partial views, and enlarged views
  • Determine which line takes precedence over another

Program 3: Sectional Views

  • Determine which portion of the part is shown in section
  • Explain the purpose of section lines and identify the ways in which they are used
  • Identify and interpret the common drafting conventions applied to sectional views

Program 4: Dimensions and Tolerances, Part 1

  • Identify the size and/or location for a given part feature
  • Correctly calculate the tolerance specified for a given part feature

Program 5: Dimensions and Tolerances, Part 2

  • Locate and interpret dimensions specified by chain, baseline and direct dimensioning methods
  • Identify a datum feature and explain its purpose
  • Explain how maximum material condition (MMC) and least material condition (LMC) apply to internal and external features
  • Calculate allowance
  • Identify a surface finish specification

Program 6: Part Feature Specifications

  • Identifies twelve of the most common part features on a drawing
  • How to correctly interpret part specifications