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Injection Molding Professional Certification

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Certification for Injection Molding Professionals – Level 1
This globally-recognized professional certification demonstrates a broad-spectrum understanding of the injection molding industry. The knowledge required ranges from a good understanding of injection molding safety to having a fundamental working knowledge of injection molding machinery, processing, tooling, materials, and quality; all based on current industry best practices. Successfully passing this certification demonstrates a good working knowledge of injection molding and industry best practices.

Who Should Consider Certification?
Anyone working in the plastics industry should consider Level 1 Certification for Injection Molding Professionals. Individuals and engineers can use this certification to improve their standing within the industry or their company. Molding Managers should consider offering this certification to train a strong workforce confident with a fundamental understanding of injection molding.

How to Get Certified
Level 1 Injection Molding Professional certification testing is conducted either online or in person at a certified plastics testing center. The Level 1 certification requires the completion of a 3-part test taking approximately 1-2 hours to complete with a time limit of 3 hours total. The first portion of the test consists of a series of True-False questions to cover a broad spectrum of content. The second section of testing consists of multiple-choice questions designed to better differentiate a candidates understanding of common injection molding concepts. The third portion of the testing requires analysis of common molding scenarios designed to identify the candidate’s working knowledge of injection molding.
Once the participant has successfully completed the Level 1 certification test, they will be immediately provided with a printable certificate. If you are located within the region of a certified testing center such as the Americas or Southeast Asia, you will receive, via post, a wallet sized certificate as well as a full-sized certificate suitable for framing. You records will also be kept on our global database, so additional awards, plaques, and certificate copies can be ordered at any time in the future.

How to Prepare for Certification
Although preparation training is not necessary to achieve certification, most injection molding professionals prepare for Level 1 Certification testing with 16-24 hours of our online training programs.
Our ‘Online Training IM Professional - Level 1 Certification’ package provides 16 online courses containing content specifically focused on the essentials of injection molding along with Level-1 certification testing. This self-paced online package is specifically designed to provide the participant the necessary information to complete Level 1 Certification.

Testing Criteria
Working Safely in an Injection Molding Environment
Identifying Machine Components and Their Function
Comparing Basics of Hydraulic vs. Electric Machinery
Understanding the General Purpose Screw
Familiarity with General Polymer Types
Amorphous vs. Semi-Crystalline Materials
Thermoplastics vs. Thermosets
Familiarity with the Molding Process, including: 1st Stage Injection, 2nd Stage Packing, Part Cooling, Screw Recovery and Part Removal
Understand Basic Machine Controls
Differentiating Modes of Operation
Understanding Common Part Removal Techniques
Knowledge of Common Visual Defects, including: Flash, Short Shots, Sinks & Voids, Jetting, Burning, Flow Lines, Weld & Meld Lines and Poor Surface Finish.
General Hot Runner Systems
Conventional Mold Bases
General Material Characterization
Basic Dimensioning and Tolerances
Understanding Material Handling
Material Drying Methods
Start-Up and Shut-Down
General Material-Related Defects, including: Splay, Bubbles, & Blisters, Brittleness, Cracking & Crazing, Delamination, Contamination, and Poor Color Distribution
Process Documentation Techniques
Common Mold Machining Methods
Conventional Gating Systems
Typical Mold Maintenance Techniques
Polymer Chain Orientation
Basic Math and Common Calculations

After purchasing, you will receive access to the comprehensive online test. Once you successfully complete the testing requirements, you will immediately receive a confirmation via email. An individualized certificate suitable for framing as well as a personalized wallet-size will be mailed to all customers within the united states.