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Blow Moulding 101 Package

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Blow Molding 101 lays the foundational knowedge base helpful for the success of any injection molding employee.

This package provides employees with broad-based training on the extrusion blow molding machine, process, math, mold, and plastics processing industry. Anyone working with production equipment or handling the material will greatly benefit from this package.

5 Online Courses (5-10 hours + Study Guides)

Package Course Descriptions:

Math for Blow Molders

This two-part online training program was created for all personnel within the blow molding industry who would like to expand or fine-tune their math skills.

Part 1

- Whole Numbers, Negative Numbers and Decimals
- Using a Calculator
- Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division
- Rounding Numbers and Significant Figures
- Formulas, Equations and Order of Operations

Part 2

- Metric and Imperial Units
- Length and Distance
- Area, Volume & Flow
- Weight, Mass and Force
- Conversions
- Understanding Percentages
- Calculating Tolerances

2 Online Courses (3-4 hours + Study Guides)

Extrusion Blow Molding Series

Our online Extrusion Blow Molding training courses were developed in collaboration with The Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) and are designed to provide participants with a thorough understanding of what’s involved in the Extrusion Blow Molding process.

The topics covered in this training series include a wide range of extrusion blow molding information and common procedures. All three online courses use standard industry terms and practices with an emphasis on safety, and will enhance the knowledge base of all personnel involved with Extrusion Blow Molding.

Part 1: Primer

- Material Handling
- Extrusion Blow Molding
- Product Testing
- Basic Terminology
- Understanding Polymers

Part 2: Machinery

- Material Preparation
- Part Forming
- Flash Removal, Product Testing & Regrind
- Startup, Color Change and Shut Down
- Emergency Situations

Part 3: Problems and Solutions

- Troubleshooting
- Part Defects
- Preventive and Corrective Actions
- Scrap, Regrind and Rework
- Product Tracking

3 Online Courses (3-5 hours + Study Guides)